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Sherwood Park Ukrainian Bilingual Program


Do parents need to be of Ukrainian descent and/or speak Ukrainian?

It is not a requirement for parents to speak or be of Ukrainian descent. Many families in our program do not speak Ukrainian. In fact, some of our families are not of Ukrainian heritage. This will not inhibit your child's learning in any way.

Does the time devoted to Ukrainian take away from instruction in other subjects?

No. Students must learn exactly the same curriculum as students in the English Program. In addition, students are taught Ukrainian Language Arts. (Grade 5 and 6 students can take special programs such as Sports for Life or Performing Arts. Other complementary options can be taken by students in grades 7 - 12.)

How can I help my child with homework?

Your child's homework assignments are prepared in such a way that they will have little to no difficulty following instructions and completing the work. If a problem arises, your child's teacher will be happy to help you find a solution.

How much Ukrainian will my child use in the classroom?

Ukrainian is used as the language of instruction to a maximum of 50% of the time in the Elementary Bilingual Program; students learn to converse, read and write in both Ukrainian and English.

Will my child be confused or overwhelmed by hearing another language?

Acquiring any new skill always has its challenges. However, many studies have found that English skills are actually enhanced by learning another language. Ukrainian Bilingual students often outperform students in the regular program in some skill areas.

Can my child enter the program after Grade1?

While most students enter the program in PreSchool or Kindergarten. Students can also enter in Grade 1 or 2. Any entry into the program after Grade 2 will require review and approval by the teacher and administration.