Open the door to your child's future
Sherwood Park Ukrainian Bilingual Program


Numerous Academic Benefits

Recent studies of children who grow up in bilingual settings reveal significant advantages over single language children, including both increased attentive focus and cognition essential for academic achievement. Simply put, bilingual brains are smarter, faster and more creative.
(Judy Willis, M.D., M.Ed., 2012)

Open the Door to the Global Community

Ukrainian is spoken by more than 50 million people in the world living in Ukraine, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, the US, the UK, and other European countries. Ukrainian is closely related to other Slavic languages. Since there are almost 300 million people in the world speaking a Slavic language, Ukrainian can be an important key to communication in many parts of the world. Speakers of Ukrainian can make themselves understood in many countries in Eastern Europe. Acquiring Ukrainian as an additional language therefore opens up important doors for communicating with others around the globe.

Variety of Job Opportunities

Alberta Education has stated, "…there is an urgent requirement for qualified speakers of languages other than English in areas of science, technology, medicine and global commerce." Knowing another language will give your child an advantage in today's diverse and global economy. Bilingualism is valued by all types of employers, and will allow your child greater choice in the job market.

Greater Economic Advantages

In today's world, the knowledge of a second language and culture, Ukrainian in particular, is an economic advantage because it provides skills that enable students to communicate and interact effectively, as well as compete in the global marketplace and workplace.

Understanding Cultures

In addition to preserving cultural identity, language learning is a part of cultural enrichment, which fosters understanding of other peoples and countries. For those students who already have some knowledge of Ukrainian or a family connection to the culture, there is an opportunity to renew contact with their language, culture and heritage.

Alberta Education's Language Learning Initiative

Every child in Alberta takes a second language starting in grade 4. This means that your child can get a head start on learning a language by starting school in a Ukrainian Bilingual setting. There is significant evidence showing that early language learning is most beneficial to the student.

When a child begins learning a second language in the early years, their brains are more adaptable to language development. They…

  • are more likely to develop native-like pronunciation
  • achieve better language accuracy and fluency
  • achieve higher in basic academic skills
  • are taught through meaningful contexts that enable them to see connections between the language and other topics
  • develop greater cognitive flexibility and creative thinking skills

Based on information from Alberta Education.